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"In order to prevent several diseases arising from aging, it is important to do suitable exercise regularly."

SONIX generates Whole Body Vibration which improves blood and lymph circultations contributing to the prevention of metabolic, nusculoskeletal, and degenerative disorders. SONIX also vitalizes the muscular and nervous systems so that it tis a very efficient physiotherapeutic treatment to rehabilitate the persons who can not work out.
rehabilitation therapy equipment 1. Vitalize Nervous System for PNE
(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
2. Prevent Musculoskeletal and other Degenerative Diseases
3. Enhance Metabolism for better blood and lymph Circulation
4. Alleviate and Control Physical Pains
5. Increase Bone Mineral Density
Effect of whole body vicration exercise on muscle strength and proprioception in females with knee osteoar-thritis The Knee 16(2009) 256-261 T.Trans,J.Aaboe, M.Henriksen, R.Christensen,H.Bliddal,H.Lund
- 3 groups were assigned randomly;1.WBV exercise on a stable platform (VibM;n=7 (mean age,61.5 9.2),2. WBV exercise on a balabce board (VibF;n=18 (mean age, 58.7 11.0),
3.control group (Con;n=18 (mean age,61.1 8.5)
This study showed that WBV exercise on a stable platform (VibM) yielded increased muscle strength, while the WBV exercise on a balance board (VibM) showed improved TDPM
(Proprioception - Threshold for Detection of Passive Movement).
The WBV exercise is a time-saving and safe method for rehabilitation of women with Knee osteoarthritis (knee OA)

Effect of knee flecion angle on neuromuscular responses to whole-body vibration, Abstract presented at NSCA National Conference, Conference, July 2005 Abercromby, Amonette, Paloski, Hinman: Neuromuscular responses to two whole-body vubration modalities during dynamic squats, Abstract presented at NSCA National Conference, July 2005 Amonette, W.,A.Abercromby, M.Hinman,W.H.Paloski:
- More motor units (and the correlating muscle fibers) are activated under the influence of vibration than in normal, conscious muscle contractions. Due to this, muscles are incited more efficiently

Human skeletal muscle structure and function preserved by vibration muscle exercise following 55 days of bedrest, Eur J.Appl Physiol, 2006, Vol.97,S.261-271 Blottner D., Salanova M., Puttmann B., Schiffl G., Felsenberg D., Buehring B., Rittweger J
- The Berlin Bedrest Study (BBR) proved that 10 minutes of vibration training 6 times a week prevented muscle and bone loss in total bedrest over 55 days

Good vibrations and strong bones?. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2005 Mar;288(3):R555-6. Jordan J
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- Other than its influence on the muscles, WBV can also have a positive effect on bone mineral density. Vibrations cause compression and remodeling of the bone tissue-Mechanostat, activating the osteoblasts (bone building cells)m while reducing the activity if the osteoclasts (cells that break bone down). Repeated stimulation of this system, combined with the increased pull on the bones by the muscles, will increase bone mineral density over time. It is also likely that improved circulation and the related bone perfusion due to a better supply of nutrients, which are also more able to penetrate the bone tissue, are contributing factors.

Effects of whole body vibration training on postural in older individuals : a 1 year randomized controlled trial, Gait Posture. 2007 Jul;26(2):309-16.Epub 2006 Oct 30 Bogaerts A, Verschueren S, Delecluse C, Claessens AL, Boonen S
Effects of whole-body vibration exercise and muscle strengthening, balance, and walking exercises on walking ability in the elderly", keio J Med, 2007 Mar;56(1):28-33 Kawanabe K,Kawashima A, Sashimoto I, Takeda T, Sato Y, lwamoto J
- In preventing falls and the bone fractures that often result from them, enhancing bone mineral density is not the only important issue, Increased muscle power, postural control and balance are also factors worthy of consideration. Studies involving elderly subjects have shown that all of these issues can improved using whole body vibration.